ENS is coming back!

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Hey guys! It’s iiStealthyyy (AEgamers) and this is just a quick post to let everyone know that ENS is planning on coming back around Christmas 2011! More info will be posted so keep checking back.

Elite (MW3) – https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/192879

~iiStealthyyy (AEgamers)


Call of Duty: Black Ops – Annihilation DLC 3

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The 3rd DLC for COD: Black Ops has been announced! It is going to be released on Xbox 360 on June 28th. It will include four Multiplayer maps and one Zombie Map. The first multiplayer map is called Hangar 18. Hangar 18 is based in Area 51, and has many Easter Eggs that have to do with Area 51. It is a medium sized map. Silo is the second multiplayer map, and it takes place in a Russian nuclear missile construction site. It is the largest map in the game. The next multiplayer map is called Drive-In. Drive-In is a small map, with some sniper points. Hazard is the fourth Multiplayer map being released, and it takes place on a golf course. This is a great map for long range guns. The Zombie map is called Shangri-La. Not much was told about this map but it looks like it takes place in a jungle with ruins throughout it. You can see a sneak peek of all of the maps in this video:

(Click to enlarge)
The last map pack for COD: Black Ops (First Strike) was awesome, right? Now the next map pack for Black Ops has been confirmed!

There is 4 Multiplayer maps and 1 Zombie map, the same as First Strike. The Zombie map is called Call of the Dead. It is said to take the Zombie gameplay to a new level with all new characters. Hotel is a multiplayer map that takes place on the rooftop of a Cuban hotel (Kind of reminds me of “Highrise” from MW2). The next multiplayer map is Zoo, which takes place in an abandoned zoo in Soviet Russia. Convoy is a small, close quarters map in US Military facility. And last but not least, Stockpile is a map that takes place on a Russian farm town.

It comes out on Tuesday, May 3rd for XBOX 360, and for PS3 most likely a month later. No info on the price yet, but it will most likely be 1200 MS points, or $15.

From the pictures and the little bit  of info, to me it looks awesome! What do you think? Will you be getting it the first day?

We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else.

~AEgamers / iiStealthyyy

New Tournament Sign-Up Sheet

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For various reasons, the old sign-up sheet was deleted. Therefore, a new one has been created.

Click here for the new sign-up sheet. Read the post below for details on the tournament.


My friends and I back at an old project called Penguin Generation are hosting a Black Ops Tournament! Its gonna be really cool! Here is the link to sign up, and keep reading to find out the rules. Only 8 people can enter though, and 3 people have entered so far, so you might wanna hurry up and sign up (click here).

This tournament will be a series of 1 vs. 1 Free for All matches, and this is how the match-ups will be decided:

1st sign-up vs. 8th sign-up (match 1, round 1)
2nd sign-up vs. 7th sign-up (match 2, round 1)
3rd sign-up vs. 6th sign-up (match 3, round 1)
4th sign-up vs. 5th sign-up (match 4, round 1)

Round 1, Match 1 winner vs. Round 1, Match 2 winner (match 1, round 2)
Round 1, Match 3 winner vs. Round 1, Match 4 winner (match 2, round 2)

Round 2, Match 1 winner vs. Round 2, Match 2 winner (match 1, round 3)

Champion: winner of Round 3, Match 1.

Simple, eh? Here are the rules.

  • All matches are 1 vs. 1 matches (its not a team tournament)
  • Certain weapons and such and such are forbidden
    1. AK74u Submachine Gun
    2. Balistic Knife Specialist Weapon
    3. Second Chance Perk
    4. Grenade Launcher Attachment
  • All matches will take place on Nuketown (its the only map of the proper size)
  • The game mode is to be set to Free-for-All
  • Spectators are allowed but the cannot join the game; make sure your lobby is set in “Invite Only.”
  • All settings must match normal Free-for-All settings unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Killsteaks must be turned off.
  • The time limit and score limit must be set to the following:
    1. The time limit must be set to 10 minutes
    2. The score limit must be set to 1500 points (30 kills)

Time and Date:

This tournament will be on April 19th, 2011. The tournament will start at 4:00pm EST (3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MST, and 1:00pm PST). More details will be given in the future (such as how we can set up the matches).


RCXD Minitage!

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The RCXD Minitage is finally here!  Check it out! Click the link below to see it.

Comment on the video and Like and Favorite it if you have a YouTube account!


Hey guys, its Powerflare! The First Strike DLC Debut Trailer was released today and it briefly covers the four new multiplayer maps.

I guess I’ll give my thoughts on the little I’ve seen of the maps. Kowloon seems well designed and seems like a fun map to play. I like Chinese-styled maps to begin with, plus it has a cool feature—the zip-line. Its a cool interactive feature for Multiplayer but I won’t use it often—but I’ll kill people using it. 🙂 Discovery seems cool. I can see how there will often be a big fight for the middle of the map. I’m gonna be back behind the huge firefight picking people off at a distance with whatever Assault Rifle I will be using, likely. For Berlin Wall, I’m gonna use its high points to my advantage. I’m not a sniper, but I will try to pick people off below me and at a distance from up high instead of running full-speed through the streets with the AK-74u like most people will do (just saying its a common gun). The last map will likely be my favorite—Stadium. I like the design and I like the close quarters combat aspect but I like how its not too close like Nuketown.

Aside from Ascension which we haven’t gotten a look at yet, it looks like a great map pack.