Pics & Vids

Here we will post all different kinds of pictures and videos related to videos games.

Pictures ( Click to Enlarge)

Worst Emergency Airdrop Ever (MW2) (AEgamers):

Hacking Fail (MW2): ( This guy is 8th Prestige but has the Spinning 10th prestige emblem that you need to be 10th Prestige to get. Fail.)

I Don’t Even Know (MW2).

Videos (Click to watch On YouTube)

MW2-Spec Ops in Hidden- Glitch

COD: Black Ops Trailer

More to Come

  1. CornChipper says:

    More to come

  2. Ipod3212 says:

    nice work on the website Gamers, and Powerflare. Also keep on going with the info of the clan battles. We should do more of them. The logo i prefer for ENS is Logo #2. its very hard two decide because all of them look great. By the way ENS should come back together and play clan wars with different people. it would be fun.

    ENS is always for the win(FTW)

  3. saber595 says:

    wow thats a finny airdrop was it yours tho?

  4. Ipod3212 says:

    Hey guys. i had set up a clan battle. But we would need a lot of members 2 step up. they want two quick scope us. so prefer I tdfree, REDBULL_DUDEE, AEgamers, saber, & ZDomination including myself two battle them. i no they have some very good people in there team but i no we would take the win. we would battle them anytime we want so no stress on rushing. And I also made a rematch on battling (WFH). just regular guns. i have a feeling we would beat down these guys with hardcore murder. please comment if you guys are in.
    ENS ALL DAY………………………………………….

    • Ipod3212 says:

      Im sorry. but its going to be a 5v5 against them so its whether who get online first. or whether there friends can join. also its only guns no quick scoping. but we will see what happen.

  5. Ipod3212 says:

    o yea. powerflare, when are you getting back online in the ps3

    • CornChipper says:

      ipod, if you make a WordPress account i cant make you a worker on this site you you can have access to the members only page to post clan war stuff

    • Powerflare says:

      I don’t know. I’ve become apathetic to Modern Warfare and Bad Company at the moment (much more so to MW, its just no one plays BC anymore). I do miss ya guys though. 😦 I might drop in sometime soon.

  6. prodigy_95 says:

    yh man i need 2 get in on sum of that clan war action(no homo) and help u guys out jus i need 2 pick mw2 up soon and i will believe me but yh ill have soon enough so then we can murder them other clans lol………………………..ENS ALL DAY

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