Current Members:


Black Ops:

GameBattles Members:

  • AEgamers
  • Ipod3212
  • Powerflare
  • ZDomination
  • Bsegie
  • XxZoDiaK___
  • L33T_SCoPEZx01
  • Prodigy_95


  • Sunderz1
  • REDBULL-DUDEEE/Buckethead73007
  • Gunnr10

NHL 11:

  • AEgamers
  • BSegie


  1. cdr0221net says:

    ight yo i became a member

  2. Corn Chipper says:

    CDR, have you asked any of your in the XBOX Live world if they want to join?

    • Powerflare says:

      Doing voiceover on the video now. Then gonna put the perks, KS, and class on the sides/bottom. The next video. I don’t have time right now and i wanna upload it tonight.

    • Powerflare says:

      Crap, the video was too long! I forgot about time limits… I will have to speed the video up a bit to make up for it. I will also have to redo the commentary. That stupid 10 minute limit sucks… it should be 15-20.

    • Powerflare says:

      And of course! Youtube, even though it claims the video’s HD, doesn’t actually have its true quality. 😐 Why? I’ll never know…

  3. prodigy_95 says:

    hey its prodigy dnt delete me off ur friends list plz im not goin 2 be on till this friday so i guess ill play with u guys then……thx

  4. prodigy_95 says:

    btw nice background Powerflare

  5. prodigy_95 says:

    thx alot 4 not deleting n yh i realli like that background u got sum skill if u made that cuz that thing is sweet as hell! lol o and im going to pick call of duty world at war up for nazi zombies thought that i would let u guys kno again thx……ENS ALL DAY

  6. prodigy_95 says:

    btw i might pick a mic up 2

  7. prodigy_95 says:

    loll i tlk alot but btw 1 of my friends wants a clan match sumtime this weekend he said 6 of us against 3 of them i said we will murder u! loll but just let me kno if u guys want 2…….ENS ALL DAY

  8. Ipod3212 says:

    kool prodigy_95. when you get back online tell us when they are ready to verse us in that clan war. good you’re getting a mic.

  9. prodigy_95 says:

    yh ill let u guys know he said probaly this weekend sumtime n yh ill probaly end up getting a mic….

  10. prodigy_95 says:

    im not going 2 be playing weekdays i got school n lots of work to do during the weekdays so again plz dnt delete off ur friends list……thx……..ENS ALL DAY

  11. jake (Lizzard1) says:

    if you dont like this site you are a odd person

  12. CornChipper says:

    most reserves are just people who havent been on in awhile, or need some more practice…

  13. saber595 says:

    hey AEgamers nice site.

  14. prodigy_95 says:

    hey its prodigy im not goin 2 be on for a min so plz dnt delete me jus got a lil bit of stuff to do and all so ill see u guys wen i get back on thx again 4 not deleting me and alll…..

  15. Powerflare says:

    Its fine. I won’t delete you. πŸ˜› Actually, I hardly touch my PS3. And whatever time it says I was last online you could probably double or maybe even triple that time. I went on a few times by accident (I have the habit of hitting the PS3 from using it so much rather than the DVD player), and one time I was going to go on, but I decided not to.

  16. prodigy_95 says:

    Hey AEgaers u think u could put me back on the team since i FINALLY got MW2 again lol

  17. prodigy_95 says:


  18. CornChipper says:

    Yep your on there now. make a gamebattles account so you can be in clan battles. we need a good 3rd guy for 3v3s. U me and Ipod. how do you like the new theme?

  19. prodigy_95 says:

    Yh ill do that soon ,a quick question does it cost to make a gamebattles account? cuz ima need to get a new credit card……

    • CornChipper says:

      Nope. its free to make an account. if you want to be in special tournaments for prizes you have to buy credits but for ENS everything we do is free. just have to sign up and tell us your GB Info so i can add you to the team.

  20. Prodigy_95 says:

    …………….hey its prodigy, me and powerflare arent getting along, we let a good time and joking around go a little too far. Since then i thought about it and how me and powerflare was real kool (no homo) and all so powerflare, that was my fault………When i finally realized that people can have a way different sense of humor then i might have, i realized i was kinda wrong for that and my bad for taking it that far powerflare i just got caught up in the moment and let my jokes be taken to a whole different lvl. So my bad……………..

  21. Prodigy_95 says:

    Yea man it was my fault im sorry for acting like a jack@$$ and all and saying that my bad. So we kool again?

  22. prodigy_95 says:

    Thanks AEgamers, and yeah we both said somethings that were uncalled for and it was my fault sorry man… anyway i guess ill see you on Battlefield homie lol =p

  23. saber595 says:

    yo how come i have been removed from game battles member

  24. prodigy_95 says:

    You spelled ZDomination’s name wrong lol you put a “G” next to the “Z”

    • CornChipper says:

      His New PSN account for GameBattles is “ZGDomination” because he couldn’t remember the password to his old GB account, so he made a new one, and you can’t have a PSN account on 2 different GB accounts. So no, it’s correct.

  25. Prodigy_95 says:

    Oh lol my bad i thought you accidently spelled it wrong lol

  26. saber595 says:

    yo gamers tell ipod domination bsegie and youself to add L33T_SCoPEZx01 its my new account and i wont be playing on saber alot maybye

  27. L33T_SCoPEZx01 says:

    guys its saber595 add L33T_SCoPEZx01 its my account please add me

  28. tdfree says:

    gamers invite XxZoDiaK___ on gamebattles i made a new account

  29. L33T_SCoPEZx01 says:

    yo gamers it saber595 \L33t scopez can i still be apart of the members plz

  30. L33T_SCoPEZx01 says:

    and dont worry i will try to getg back on gamebattles will u guys ok bye

  31. L33T_SCoPEZx01 says:

    Yo gamers my L33T Scopez is on gamebattles already i accepted the invite

    • CornChipper says:

      It still says you’re ineligible to play. Try accepting the invite again and make sure you choose That Gamertag for The Team.

  32. L33T_SCoPEZx01 says:

    does it say i can play know gamers

  33. L33T_SCoPEZx01 says:

    ok so can i be on the gamebattles list now?

  34. Ipod3212 says:

    Since the clan is taking about gamebattles. when will be our next clan battle playing COD: Black ops?

  35. Ipod3212 says:

    Also ENS should have another game night pretty soon that’s well organized

  36. prodigy_95 says:

    Hey we should get up on Gamebattles for Black Ops, I’ve been wanted to kick some butt and everyone i play is a scrub lol. We seriously need to get in on that action, Oh and yh ipod is right we need to do another game night…….. ENS ALL DAY YHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol

  37. L33T_SCoPEZx01 says:

    hey guys sorry not on for awile but i have made another new account sorry but please at me it is OpTiC_Andrew i know its a fanboy but fun with it but some of my friends were having so please add me again and mabye in a little while i will try to get it on gamebattles again thanks guys ENS ALL DAY FOREVER

  38. L33T_SCoPEZx01 says:

    k guys i will back on l33t scopez k bye

  39. Ipod3212 says:

    If any one is up to it, there would be a game night wednesday 29 or if nessary thursday 30, here’s the line up.
    7:00-9:00 p.m: Black Ops: Multiplayer
    9:00-11:00 p.m: Black Ops Zombies.

  40. Ipod3212 says:

    well i couldn’t figure out a way to pit different games such as MW2 or Battlefield since nobody plays the games anymore. plus everyone has different games now. black ops seem died now lol

    • CornChipper says:

      Yeah. I’m working on The Sly Collection now (Just got first Platinum trophy [In Sly 1] ) and now i’m starting Sly Cooper 2, and then Sly Cooper 3. Every once in a while i feel like playing BO. Most of the time i feel like playing Zombies..

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