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  1. Regg3212 says:

    this website is pretty cool maybe a little information about the members.

  2. Reggie says:

    also comments on the killstreaks like a tactical nuke

  3. Dev Jackson says:

    Whats up? Our clan (*BD*) wants to merge with yours. Accept or Decline?

  4. prodigy_95 says:

    u guys r doin a awesome job on this site loll…..ENS ALL DAY

  5. Ipod3212 says:

    we should do more clan wars. it can make it more fun. all ENS!!

  6. prodigy_95 says:

    so wat u guys think about the new mw2 map pack? u think u r going to pick that up? ENS ALL DAY

  7. prodigy_95 says:

    yh me 2 thinking about picking up god of war 3 along with my new mic idk tho but yh ill be on today most likely n im gettin the map pack for sure it sounds pretty kewl……..ENS ALL DAY

    • Powerflare says:

      You should get Battlefield: Bad Company 2!

      • prodigy_95 says:

        ok ill check that out but is it any guud cus i heard that it was crap and no1 was ever online…….but u can never listen to people………..

      • Powerflare says:

        Those people are wrong; the game is great!! ZDomination and I like it better than Modern Warfare! Its a team based game, so its perfect for groups of friends (like this clan). There is bad language but in the Audio Options menu, you can turn down the “Dialogue Volume” to 0. Therefore, it is muted, and although you miss the in-game voices and callouts, you don’t need them—plus you can still hear people on the mics (and talk, if you have a mic.)

        No, the graphics aren’t as good as Modern Warfare, however, they are really good (and colorful too)! The environment is destructible, which makes camping hard, though its possible. Most people use the Recon kit (snipers) which can become annoying. Noob tubes are not an issue in BC2 (I’ve only gotten a few noob tube kills, and all ARs are equipped with a launcher unless you substitute it for a smoke launcher or under-mounted shotgun when you unlock them.)

        I don’t want to explain all the awesomeness about the game here, because this is a MW2 clan blog, not BC2, but if you want, we can talk more about it on the Members Only page ’cause we should be able to talk about whatever we want there.

        I’d definitely look into buying the game—its worth your money!

  8. prodigy_95 says:

    ok u convinced me lol ill pick that up with my new mic so ill be playing that 2….i wont be on this weekend however because im going to Delaware and New York so yea but ill be on after that………see u guys then n thx alot for not deleting me after all this time i appreciate it alot thx……. ENS ALL DAY

  9. prodigy_95 says:

    1 more question about Battlefield:Bad Company 2 does it have a similar game mode like search and destroy? ENS ALL DAY

    • Powerflare says:

      I have 2 more things to say about Bad Company 2. I will address the game modes second. The first is the vehicles. There are several different types of vehicles in the game. Tanks, quads, helicopters ect. There is even a UAV—you control it by a computer station and it is a mini-copter that can shoot missiles and fire a minigun. You are actually able to pilot the helicopters! Every vehicle (aside from the UAV) has the ability to hold 2 people. The most is 5 (helicopters: Pilot, 2 topgunners, 2 sidegunners). Tanks are also common land vehicles that can shoot cannons and sometimes miniguns. All vehicles (aside from the UAV) can be repaired by the Engineer kit’s Repair Tool (after it is unlocked).

      There are only 4 game mods: Squad Deathmatch, Rush, Squad Rush, and Conquest

      Squad Deathmatch: 4 squads (squads have a maximum of 4 people) are placed in a select part of the map your playing on (you cannot access the whole map, and if you leave the perimeters, after 10 seconds, you will be killed); the first squad to 50 kills. Essentially its 4 vs. 4 vs. 4 vs. 4 (unless a squad doesn’t have 4 people in it, but that is generally best). Not much else to say, except that there is one vehicle, the M3A3 Bradley (a 4 man tank [the most common tank] with a driver/cannon, topgun, and 2 sideguns) which sometimes appears in the middle of the map to give the edge to squads that control it.

      Squad Deathmatch is most like Team Deathmatch.

      Rush: Personally my favorite game mode, two teams (each filled with up to 3 full squads [12 total members of a team; but if there were 4 squads of 3 people ect., that would also work]) are faced against each other on a particular map, either to defend or to attack and destroy M-COM stations. Generally, the Attackers are given the majority of the vehicles, and their “home base” is off the map on the Defender’s side (in other words, it is beyond the perimeter of the Defender’s available playing field; if they venture into it they have 10 seconds to leave or be killed).

      The Defenders have two M-COM stations to defend from the Attackers who will come and try to destroy them. After the two M-COM stations are destroyed, they are pushed further up the map, and a new part of the map is accessible to play. This happens multiple times. If an Attacker arms an M-COM station, the Defenders are able to disarm it, but it takes 3 times longer to disarm than to arm one. The only way for the Defenders to win is to reduce the Attackers’ tickets to 0 (from 75) before they destroy the two M-COM stations. Once they destroy the two current ones, their ticket’s will reset. Defenders have infinite tickets.

      The Attackers must venture into the Defenders’ bases and arm and destroy the two M-COM stations. The M-COM stations arm faster than they are disarmed, but they take a while to explode. Attackers are limited to 75 tickets (like lives; every time an Attacker dies, a ticket is lost). There are two ways to regain tickets: 1. destroy both M-COM stations and all the tickets will be restored or 2. use the Medic’s defibrillator to revive teammates—this restores 1 ticket. Once both M-COM stations are destroyed, the Defenders are pushed back, and both sides venture further into the map to attack/defend. This happens multiple times.

      Rush is most like Demolition.

      Squad Rush: Just like Rush, but instead of two teams filled with squads, there are only two squads. One squad is the Attackers, and the other Squad is the defenders.

      Conquest: In this game mode, there are three, and some times 4, flags that can be captured and held by a team, but there are also tickets to consider. The flags start as neutral, and must be held for a while to be considered a team’s flag. Teams are composed of squads again, and in addition into spawning on squadmates, you can also spawn on the flags you hold. You can get a measure of how much time it will take to capture a flag by looking at the flag on the flag pole. You will raise up your own flag (or lower an enemy team’s flag and then raise your own). It takes a while, but its a lot of fun. In this game mode, you have the entire map to play on, so sniping is at its full advantage here.

      Conquest is most like Domination.

      Sorry, no non-respawning modes. I don’t think it would work well in Battlefield, actually.

      • prodigy_95 says:

        alright thx alot though Powerflare im goin to pick it up wen i get around to it lol ive been workin on sum things and aint got the time but probaly have it this weekend again thx for that informative info see u guys later………….ENS ALL DAY

      • Powerflare says:

        Let me know when you get it so we can play it! Ipod got it too!

  10. Powerflare says:

    Demolition has become my new favorite game mode because of Rush. I wish there was Demolition in Ground War, because I really like the 9-vs-9 over 6-vs-6. I always play Ground War or Free-for-All, but now I have to play Demolition outside of Ground War’s 9-vs-9. D:

  11. tdfree says:

    when r we having a clan war?

    • CornChipper says:

      @tdfree, As of now, we do clan battles with people we find in Public macthes, or if one of the people on my friends list is on with their clan.

  12. saber595 says:

    hey i want to be in the next clan battle k gamers

  13. prodigy_95 says:

    hey wats up i was jus wondering how i would be able 2 get in the gamebattles with u cuz ima have mw2 in a couple days……… but yh jus send me a msg on psn or this or watever alright talk 2 u guys later…………ENS ALL DAY

    • CornChipper says:

      @ Prodigy_95 it would be awesome if you cold make a GamBattles account and Play with us. We can always use the help. Im down the shore right now.. ill be back online on tuesday… ENS ALL DAY
      @Saber595 ill get you in a Clan war. if your online and you are eligibe on GB, ill nvite you. I’ll tr to invite you to the ENS Team on Gamebattles now so check your GB Messages and accept the team invite

  14. Ziggy says:

    yo do all the matches have to be on nuketown and wat do i get when i win

  15. john says:

    This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I in reality would want…HaHa). You without doubt put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. great stuff, just great!

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