About Members

On this page we will post things about the players in ENS. Just a little bit of basic info.

AEgamers: The Leader of ENS, A great all-around player, Mostly Plays Search & Destroy and Domination.

ZDomination: The Second member of ENS,  A Super Noob tuber who prefers Scavenger over One Man Army. Although he noob tubes in Most Public Matches, He does not noob tube in any sort of Clan Wars. So don’t worry. Mostly plays Domination.

Ipod3212: An awesome Quick Scoper and a great all-around player. 2nd in command (Co-Leader)

BSegie: Another Good all around player who can be clutch when you really need him.

TDfree: TDfree has been clutch in many of our clan wars. He is a good sniper and a Great all-around player.

~Will Write more Later.~


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