Call of Duty: Black Ops – Annihilation DLC 3

Posted: June 16, 2011 by iiStealthyyy in Uncategorized

The 3rd DLC for COD: Black Ops has been announced! It is going to be released on Xbox 360 on June 28th. It will include four Multiplayer maps and one Zombie Map. The first multiplayer map is called Hangar 18. Hangar 18 is based in Area 51, and has many Easter Eggs that have to do with Area 51. It is a medium sized map. Silo is the second multiplayer map, and it takes place in a Russian nuclear missile construction site. It is the largest map in the game. The next multiplayer map is called Drive-In. Drive-In is a small map, with some sniper points. Hazard is the fourth Multiplayer map being released, and it takes place on a golf course. This is a great map for long range guns. The Zombie map is called Shangri-La. Not much was told about this map but it looks like it takes place in a jungle with ruins throughout it. You can see a sneak peek of all of the maps in this video:


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