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Hey guys, its Powerflare! The First Strike DLC Debut Trailer was released today and it briefly covers the four new multiplayer maps.

I guess I’ll give my thoughts on the little I’ve seen of the maps. Kowloon seems well designed and seems like a fun map to play. I like Chinese-styled maps to begin with, plus it has a cool feature—the zip-line. Its a cool interactive feature for Multiplayer but I won’t use it often—but I’ll kill people using it. 🙂 Discovery seems cool. I can see how there will often be a big fight for the middle of the map. I’m gonna be back behind the huge firefight picking people off at a distance with whatever Assault Rifle I will be using, likely. For Berlin Wall, I’m gonna use its high points to my advantage. I’m not a sniper, but I will try to pick people off below me and at a distance from up high instead of running full-speed through the streets with the AK-74u like most people will do (just saying its a common gun). The last map will likely be my favorite—Stadium. I like the design and I like the close quarters combat aspect but I like how its not too close like Nuketown.

Aside from Ascension which we haven’t gotten a look at yet, it looks like a great map pack.