Submachine Gun History



UMP45 with a flash suppressor and foregrip

The Universal Machine Pistol, or the UMP, is a submachine gun which originated in Germany and was developed and manufactured by Heckler and Koch. The UMP has been adopted by many agencies all over the world. The UMP was developed as the successor to the MP5 even though both guns are still in productions.

The UMP is fires from a closed bolt and is magazine-fed and blowback-operated. It is chambered for larger cartridges than other SMGs such as the MP5 so it could provide more stopping power against unarmored targets, however, with a slightly less effective range. Because larger cartridges produce more recoil in fully automatic firing, they reduced the cyclic fire rate to 650 rounds per minute and 600 rounds per minute for the UMP45 model. It has four trigger group configurations: safe, semi-automatic, 2-round-burst, and fully-automatic. It has a sidefolding stock which reduces its length during travel.

The UMP has a multiple variants which include UMP9 that fires a 9 x 19mm cartridge; the UMP40 that fires a 10 x 22mm Smith & Wesson cartridge; and the UMP45 which fires a .45 ACP. As aforementioned, the UMP45 variant has its fire rate reduced to 600 rounds per minute instead of 650 like the other models.



Mini Uzi:

  1. cdr0221 says:

    yo da UMP45 wit stopping power. MMMM. CRAZY!!!!!!

  2. Powerflare says:

    I actually use it without Stopping Power (and with a Silencer). Its STILL beast!! I use it with Marathon, Lightweight, and Ninja. The other common UMP45 setup is Scavanger, Stopping Power, and Ninja. With the Vector, I have to use Stopping Power, and because of the low damage and the high fire rate, I would use Scavenger (because it burns through ammo), but Slight of Hand is more important since it’d run out of ammo too fast. I would use Extended Mags on the Vector if I had it, and then with Stopping Power and either Scavenger or Slight of Hand, it’d be sooooo beast! Needless to say, the UMP45 is sooo much better. The thing is, the MP5K sucks horribly unlike the MP5 (MP5K is just a variant) from COD4 which was just as beast if not more beast than the UMP45.

  3. topkiller says:

    The UMP is really get with search & Destroy wit the silencer. its like the best gun to use for the game.

  4. Powerflare says:

    Though I said the MP5 was good from COD4, and the UMP45 is good from MW2, the best submachine gun (and most overpowered) of COD history is the MP40 from WaW.

  5. Powerflare says:

    The best SMG in Black Ops is probably the AK-74u. It could be rivaled by another because some of other SMGs are actually really good.

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