Call of Duty: Black Ops – Playstation 3 Tournament

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Powerflare in Uncategorized

My friends and I back at an old project called Penguin Generation are hosting a Black Ops Tournament! Its gonna be really cool! Here is the link to sign up, and keep reading to find out the rules. Only 8 people can enter though, and 3 people have entered so far, so you might wanna hurry up and sign up (click here).

This tournament will be a series of 1 vs. 1 Free for All matches, and this is how the match-ups will be decided:

1st sign-up vs. 8th sign-up (match 1, round 1)
2nd sign-up vs. 7th sign-up (match 2, round 1)
3rd sign-up vs. 6th sign-up (match 3, round 1)
4th sign-up vs. 5th sign-up (match 4, round 1)

Round 1, Match 1 winner vs. Round 1, Match 2 winner (match 1, round 2)
Round 1, Match 3 winner vs. Round 1, Match 4 winner (match 2, round 2)

Round 2, Match 1 winner vs. Round 2, Match 2 winner (match 1, round 3)

Champion: winner of Round 3, Match 1.

Simple, eh? Here are the rules.

  • All matches are 1 vs. 1 matches (its not a team tournament)
  • Certain weapons and such and such are forbidden
    1. AK74u Submachine Gun
    2. Balistic Knife Specialist Weapon
    3. Second Chance Perk
    4. Grenade Launcher Attachment
  • All matches will take place on Nuketown (its the only map of the proper size)
  • The game mode is to be set to Free-for-All
  • Spectators are allowed but the cannot join the game; make sure your lobby is set in “Invite Only.”
  • All settings must match normal Free-for-All settings unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Killsteaks must be turned off.
  • The time limit and score limit must be set to the following:
    1. The time limit must be set to 10 minutes
    2. The score limit must be set to 1500 points (30 kills)

Time and Date:

This tournament will be on April 19th, 2011. The tournament will start at 4:00pm EST (3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MST, and 1:00pm PST). More details will be given in the future (such as how we can set up the matches).


  1. Kahnucklehead says:

    Quick question how do you join the clan ENS. Who do i have to add?

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