Update (straight from the Call of Duty wikia):

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the upcoming sequel to Infinity Ward‘s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It was confirmed to be in pre-production on April 9th, 2010 by Activision. Activision has slated it for a November 2011 release date. Sledgehammer Games, originally planning to work on the cancelled action/adventure Call of Duty, will be working with Infinity Ward on the single-player aspect of the game while Raven Software will be working on the multiplayer. Sledgehammer is aiming for a bug-free CoD and ratings above 95%.

Hey guys, its Powerflare. Heh, this is my first post in awhile I guess. Since I haven’t posted since before Black Ops was released, I’d like to start out by asking how is everyone enjoying Black Ops so far? I know this is going back a bit, but what are everyone’s first impressions about the game? And now that its been out for about three months, what are everyone’s second and third impressions? I know the First Strike DLC is coming out real soon and will respark interest for those who have become disinterested in Black Ops.

I’d like to thank Treyarch for making this awesome game for us to enjoy, and comment on some of my favorite parts about the game. But first, what do you guys like the most? What do you like the least? I really like the customization. At first, I was just focused on the main features of the Multiplayer aspect of Black Ops, but I am really starting to appreciate the level of customization Treyarch has given us with the Create a Class 2.0. I think the game demonstrates amazing perk balance. In Modern Warfare 2, Scavenger, Stopping Power, and Ninja were the staple perks to use in almost any game type, however, in Black Ops, I’m having a hard time finding that “best perk loadout.” I also think the guns have better balance (not perfect, I assure you) than in previous titles (namely Modern Warfare 2). For those complaining about the 74u, don’t! It is nowhere near as effective as the UMP45 or MP40—plus, there’s no Stopping Power. I find Second Chance to be the most annoying thing in the game. Knifing is annoying too. It seems that the knifing has gotten worse as time has progressed. I remember people trying to lunge knife on the first day and failing; now I see it all the time. Oh well, hopefully they’ll patch it.

Are you guys excited for the new DLC coming out soon? I’m sure it’ll be awesome since Treyarch has done such a good job so far and will definitely get me more interested in the game. But, even towards an amazing game like Black Ops, apathy is inevitable. People will grow bored with Black Ops, with later map packs not seeming as charming as the first ones. After about 6 months, people are ready for a new game. After an entire year, the wait is over, a new game is released, and the cycle continues. But how long will we wait this year for the next Call of Duty?

First of all, I’m only stating what I’ve heard—most of which are rumors. Right now, its hard to differentiate between fact and BS. There are different opinions on different statements by Activision and some people are wondering if some of the older statements are outdated. However, it is a fact that on April 9, 2010, Activision confirmed the pre-production of Modern Warfare 3 in the counter-suit against Infinity Ward (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read on). It said:

Among other things, they delayed pre-production of Modern Warfare 3 and attempted to improperly leverage their rights under the MOU to obtain further advantages for themselves and concessions from Activision. … As a direct and proximate result of this breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, Activision has been forced to commit additional resources to Modern Warfare 3, institute litigation to seek a declaration of rights, and incur costs and attorneys’ fees, and will incur additional expenses in connection with securing the benefits of the MOU.

For the full story, click here. I recommend clicking that as it may help give you the full picture. What does all this mean? Well, most importantly, it means Modern Warfare 3 is in pre-production stages—or at least was. The rest I cannot confirm as true, only rumor. Apparently, Sledgehammer is also making a Call of Duty game—an Action/Adventure from what I’ve been told. That should be interesting. I doubt it will be the CoD game of the year, though. I’ve also been told that MW3 is supposed to be delayed and should be released 1-3 month after the usual November date. This is why I asked earlier “how long will we wait this year for the next Call of Duty?” I’ve also been told that Modern Warfare 3 takes place prior to the Modern Warfare 1 storyline and revolves around Ghost. In essence, its a prequel. Interesting idea, actually.

MW3 Box Art (made by Powerflare)

Now for some opinions of my own, and then I’d like to open it up for discussion in the comment section. I really feel that, although this sounds so childish, that Infinity Ward and Activision should put aside their differences, come together, and make this game amazing. [Note: That can’t actually happen; 2/3 of the old Infinity Ward (before the lawsuit) is now at Respawn Entertainment and this includes many key developers] They should utilize all of the strengths about Modern Warfare 2 and what made it fun (when you weren’t getting noob tubed) and take some lessons from Black Ops, too. They really could make this game awesome. I do feel, though I love the Custom Class 2.0, that they should return and just expand about the Custom Class of MW2 and the old unlock system. I liked how I had to work to get camos for my guns, and Extended Mags (that was a bit too hard in my opinion) was an accomplishment. Just a thought….

Now what do you guys want in Modern Warfare 3? Who do you think should make it? What guns do you want to see? Perks? Killstreaks? What do you think about this whole legal conflict? Don’t forget to answer the other questions I’ve asked throughout the post. Thanks for reading!


  1. Powerflare says:

    I’d like to see the ACR return. I loved that gun. 🙂 Also, maybe the AC-130? That’d be kinda cool in MW3! How about a fully automatic M16? Heck, I want the AK-74u as well! I liked the “design” for the perk icons in MW2; they should keep it that way. They should have a map called “Subway” which would be, in a way, similar to Terminal but would be an underground, well, subway.

  2. CornChipper says:

    Great Post! I think ac130 would be great in
    MW3. and I would want the nuke back. No tactical insertions! At all! Idc if they can’t be used in FFA. No TI’s

  3. Powerflare says:

    Killstreaks should definitely carry over like they did in MW2. It just wouldn’t be a Modern Warfare game without it. Imagine a game like MW2 using Black Ops’ method of Killstreaks. It just seems rather… disgusting. If there are gonna be high-end Killstreaks like Modern Warfare 2 used and should be used in Modern Warfare 3, they need Killstreaks to work like they did in MW2. 15 prestiges would be nice for MW3, though. Maybe.

    Guns that I’d like to see in MW3: AK-47, full auto M16, AK-74u, SCAR-L and/or SCAR-H, ACR… maybe the MP5 and P90. AK-47, M16A4, MP5(k), and P90 will likely return since they have been in both MW1 and MW2. I’m not saying they are the only guns to appear in both games; those are just the ones that come to mind.

  4. king-many says:

    nice i like the mw3 cover you made.

  5. Powerflare says:

    I want Stopping Power to come back.

  6. jake says:

    i want hardline to come back from Call Of Duty 4 where you can carry 2 primary weapons sweetness

  7. L33T_SCoPEZ says:

    i would like mw2 sniping to return in mw3 it would be amazing but different snipers exept intervention

  8. john says:

    i hope the intervention will be in mw3

  9. Powerflare says:

    Oh yeah, looks like MW3 is basically confirmed!!!

  10. Powerflare says:

    A U.K. magazine gave the heads up saying that ” Activision’s megaton FPS series will be announced in mid-April.”

    Here’s some unofficial artwork (I’ve seen it all over the place): http://images.wikia.com/callofduty/images/1/13/Modern_warfare_3.jpg

  11. Powerflare says:

    Right now, I’m really hoping to see the SCAR-L in Modern Warfare 3, though it is unlikely.

  12. Logan Jagot says:

    Ya i love quick scoping and the same killstreaks as in mw2 but with gunship and black bird and more close range maps . and a game where its only snipers.

  13. Powerflare says:

    More information has been leaked about MW3 from Kotaku.com. I will make a post regarding this (probably after E3, actually) later. It is interesting to see that the supposed box art says “Call of Duty: MW3” which actually makes sense, since the people who have the title to the name “Modern Warfare” don’t work for Infinity Ward because they were fired and are now at Respawn Entertainment at EA, so Activision and the current MW3’s developers cannot use the name “Modern Warfare.” Simply put, the easiest legal escape was “MW3” as the official logo thingy.

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